Born in Sion, in the heart of the canton of Valais, I live in Switzerland and travel abroad.

In 1963, I left my native town and settled by the side of Lake Geneva (lac Léman) to study at the “Cantonal School of Fine Arts in Lausanne” for 4 years.

Graduated in 1967, I taught Art in various schools in the canton of Vaud. The relationship with young pupils stimulated my constant need to explore and improve the means and ways to express myself.

In 1971 my first exhibition took place at the “Old-Sion Gallery”. Mostly wash-tints and drawings were displayed there.

In 1976, during an exhibition in Geneva, I met the painter Max Dissar. He was 70 years old. Both a highly-talented master and a very uncommon character, eager to transmit his knowledge, he himself had been a former student of Pierre Bonnard at the “Fine Art School” in Paris.

Very much interested in Max Dissar’s work and his use of oils, I became his pupil. A most significant time in my own painter’s life. For more than 15 years, we shared work and exhibitions: a very rich and unforgettable period during which I went on exploring the multiple ways of using oils, in great and true complicity.

Gradually, I progressed to master oil in all its power and expression.

Torn between the tangible and the intangible, I have always struggled for their osmosis on each canvas. Successive periods were spent in exploring and exhibiting.

Ever since 1982, I have travelled a lot. First to Africa and its luxuriant plant life mingling with people in flamboyant draped clothing. Next to Northern Europe and its flat lands in misty surroundings lashed by tempestuous seas. Then to the Near East where the hardships and beauty of the desert shake one to the core. There I felt particularly captivated by Jordan’s greatly varied landscape; it gloriously dances at dawn, the rocks keep changing in various hues of red until sunset. The unreserved welcoming friendliness of the people gave me immediate and lasting attachment.

All these sights dwell in me, nourish my emotions and now belong to my pictural language.

Life, meetings excite me with passion, ambiance creates a craving in me to capture the light that springs out from such “vibrations” and paint it.

I only use spatulas or brushes with oils on canvas. The many available means such as spots, shades of colours, transparency, glaze, strokes are to find a proper setting and give life to each painting.

Those who are interested and would like to deepen their understanding will be welcome to visit the artist’s world and works at her place, above Montreux.