Rita Rielle is a painter working in oils on canvas.

The whole of her work is rooted in emotions offered by life and “vibrations” from her environment. To Rita Rielle, each simple colour is the starting-point of a long development of shades. She often uses the spatula. Superposition, retraction, scraping and brushwork are the tools she uses to pursue her ever-reexplored language.

Each painting may be considered as the fruit of a rare sensitivity coupled with a remarkable pictural technique: a precious item of a large collection, powerful stimulant of emotions and imaginative associations. Her paintings open to the infinite. Their modernism fascinates through its atmosphere and the symbolical style of the decor. Her creative liberty encourages her to display her paintings in her home, where such a feeling of serenity prevails that her art acquires a “zen” spirit.

Born in Sion, of Swiss nationality, Rita Rielle is profoundly attached to the canton of Valais.  In 1967, she obtained the diploma of the “Cantonal School of Fine Arts in Lausanne”, Switzerland. Immediately afterwards, she became an Art teacher and continued sharing her passion with pupils for many years.

Meeting the painter Max Dissar in 1976 was a very significant event in her life. He had studied with Pierre Bonnard when he was a scholar in the “Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris”. To Rita Rielle, Max Dissar very soon became a fount a knowledge in the art of painting, particularly in oils. They worked closely together for 15 exciting years during which she studied, explored, experimented. For example, the discovery of the interference between pigments in juxtaposition and their influence on the maturation of the work was for her an important revelation.

During this time, much work and many exhibitions took place until 1993, when the master died. Since then, she has continued alone. Her 40th exhibition could be seen at Morges castle, on the shore of Lake Geneva (lac Léman). To date, a large number of her paintings have been acquired by art lovers and collectors all over the world.

Rita Rielle particularly enjoys drawing, which plays an important part in her quest. It gives shape to a dash of humour, an emotion, a brief glimpse or as a sketch for a work in process.

The subjects of her paintings, such as figures, lakes, landscapes, are actually receptacles that she inhabits and fills with her moods and aspirations in order to attain a glow, a light stemming from spirituality. 

After absorbing her surroundings, she flirts with abstraction. Rita Rielle welcomes you into her studio.